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This practice was initially met with local resistance, as it flew in the face of tradition.

Raja Rammohan Roy's efforts led to the abolition of Sati under Governor-General William Cavendish-Bentinck in 1829.

Women's rights under the Constitution of India — mainly includes equality, dignity, and freedom from discrimination; further, India has various statutes governing the rights of women., the President of India, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha and the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha (Lower House of the parliament) were women.

However, women in India continue to face numerous problems such as crime, gender inequality.

an important exception is the Stri Dharma Paddhati of Tryambakayajvan, an official at Thanjavur c. The text compiles strictures on women's behaviour dating back to the Apastamba sutra (c. Razia Sultana(1205-1240) became the only woman monarch to have ever ruled Delhi.

Polygamy was practised among Hindu Kshatriya rulers for some political reasons.

Evidently such practice took place during the Islamic invasions of India.

Devadasi is often misunderstood as religious practice. Women were "married" to a deity or temple, disallowing them from ever marrying a mortal.

Jauhar refers to the practice of voluntary immolation by wives and daughters of defeated warriors, in order to avoid capture and consequent molestation by the enemy.

The practice was followed by the wives of defeated Rajput rulers, who are known to place a high premium on honour.

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The Mughal princesses Jahanara and Zebunnissa were well-known poets, and also influenced the ruling powers.

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